Sunday, March 20, 2011

In my last blog I revealed a new type of box break I wanted to try where I would pull a group of cards from one of the many tens of thousands of cards that I have yet to list online. I happened to pull a group of 2003 Chrome cards. First, I realize why it takes so long to go through a book of 5000 cards and try to list them in my inventory. For this particular group there were actually 5 different sets of 2003 Topps Chrome cards present, which meant I had to create 5 checklists and price 5 sets of cards. (Life was so much easier prior to inserts).

There were about 259 cards total and it turned out the bulk of the cards were 2003 Topps Chrome Traded (195), not the base set cards like I expected. Here are what they look like......

There were only 14 Topps Chrome base set cards but they were all draft pick, prospect, rookie cards. The highlight included 2 Joe Mauer/Justin Morneau rooke cards along with a Jose Reyes (Mets) and Victor Matinez (Indians) rookie card. (There was also a Drew Henson Yankees card...remember him?)

Things got a little better when I started seeing serial numbers. First there was nice group of 17 Chrome Refractors numbered to 699. Here's a quick breakdown by team and a few of the players...

17 2003 Topps Chrome Refractors (SN/699)
2 Cardinals - J.D.Drew
1 Mariners - Freddy Garcia
1 - White Sox - Sandy Alomar Jr.
1 - Pirates - Reggie Sanders
1 - Diamondbacks
1 - Orioles
1 - Cubs
2 Rockies
1 RED Sox - Johnny Damon
1 Astros
1 Expos
1 Dodgers - Brian Jordan
1 Giants - J.T. Snow
2 Blue Jays - Eric Hinske

The serial numbers kept coming as there was a group of 29 Gold Refractors numbered to 449....

Here's the breakdown...

4 Cubs - Todd Hundley, Moises Alou
1 Rockies
1 Royals
2 Astros
2 Twins
2 Mariners -Edgar Martinez, Kazuhiro Sasaki
1 Red Sox - Johnny Damon
1 Angels
2 A's - Keith Foulke, David Justice
2 Brewers
4 Padres
2 Diamondbacks - Matt Williams
1 Giants - Trevor Hoffman
1 Marlins - A.J. Burnett
2 Reds
1 Cardinals - J.D. Drew

Finally, I came across 4 Black Refractors numbered to 199.....

1 Diamondback - Craig Counsell
1 Angels - Tim Salmon
2 Tigers - Shane Halter, Brandon Inge

It was pretty cool finding all the serial numbered cards and fun to pull some random cards to list online. I will do this type of 'break' periodically so you can see what it's like to go through random 5000 ct. boxes of cards.

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