Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Philly Show

Just got back from the Philly Show. For anyone who didn't read my last blog entry this is one of the bigger shows on the east coast. I found it odd that the Philly Show website did not have the list of signers posted. I believe the organization that runs this show has a different website and I found the list of signers on there site: MAB Celebrity Services.

As for the show, I got there late but I did catch a glimpse of a couple of former players such as Lenny Dysktra, Orlando Cepeda, and Thaddeus Young. While I was looking at cards at one table I over heard a lady talking about how pleasant Thaddeus Young was compared to someone else whose name I did not hear. I always find it interesting to hear what the players are like when they attend these shows.

The show itself had a decent crowd even though I got there late in the day. However, it looked like there were less dealers this year and I noticed a couple of major dealers where missing as well. The good news is that the handful of dealers I spoke to all said that the crowds and business where good today. (I did my part to contribute!) One dealer pointed out that it might have helped that there was less competition.

The Philly Show, in my opinion, is typically heavy with vintage card dealers and this show was no exception. Since I'm focusing on the modern cards until I had to search a little harder for items that might help my inventory. I ended up picking up a 2008 Topps Baseball Series I Jumbo box and a 1996 Topps Baseball set at good prices. I also picked up one of the last 2010/11 Upper Deck Hockey Series II boxes that I could find (note: these were selling well at the show). I also picked up and box of UD Hockey Series II Jumbo Rack Packs which are supposed to have a better hit rate on the Young Guns than the hobby box. Yes, it's an odd mix of purchase but I was looking for good deals to help fill holes in my inventory.

Finally, I had a blast searching through a the inventory of a couple of dealers looking for interesting inserts. I basically I looked for serial numbered cards and other inserts that might fit into collection of people who have ordered from me recently. I'll just put these online this week and see if they surprise some people.

This got me thinking, I'd love to know what players and teams you collect. I'd love to have a list of players/teams to focus on and I could keep an eye out for cool inserts, jersey cards, or other parallels which I could put into inventory. I'd also like to send out an email periodically (quarterly?) that is tailored to your collection which highlights the cards we've added of your player/team. Just drop a comment here or send me an email at of a player or team your collecting and I'll keep an eye out for their cards when I'm at the shows.


  1. Braves for me. More current and recent cards than anything further back.

    Players: Prado, R. Henderson, Josh Hamilton, Chipper, Brian McCann.

  2. Thanks Derek. I'll keep and eye out for interesting Braves cards and the players on your list. I'll send you a note periodically when groups of cards get added that may interest you.