Thursday, March 3, 2011


March can be a frustrating month when you're waiting for spring to arrive. You start getting some nice breaks in the weather and then just when you think spring is close you get smacked with a few more weeks of miserable cold weather.

However, when it comes to collecting, March is probably my favorite month. You have all the optimistic news coming out of spring training about the next hot rookies, Topps baseball cards are in full swing, and Heritage is just around the corner. But the most important thing March means to me is The Philly Show.

If you live near Philadelphia (actually King of Prussia) PA, The Philly Show is probably the best show of the year. It's been running since 1975 and has about 100 - 150 dealers/tables. There is usually a great lineup of HOF's signing each day and the last few years they've had an ex-Philly player signing for free. All the major grading agencies have booths, many of the major auction houses are there, as are many of the dealers you see advertising in the major hobby publications.

The show is also held in the fall and last year was the first time I attended that session. Unfortunately the turnout seemed lighter than in the spring. I'm curious to see what the turnout will be this weekend and who will be signing. I usually like to bring a couple of cards for guest who signs for free. I do find it odd that the show starts tomorrow and there still isn't a list of who is signing on the website. You would think that would help draw a crowd. If the crowd is light again then the promoter needs to take this into consideration.

Anyway, I'm not sure what day I'll attend but I write up a quick note afterward to let everyone know how it was and who was signing.

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