Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bowman Prospecting

I just finished adding 2011 Bowman cards to the inventory at Sandlot Cards. I have to admit I don't enjoy adding this set as much as I do other sets. Perhaps it's because of all the minor league players that take time to research and figure out if it's worth putting a premium on their price. Projecting major league talent is a difficult enough task for professional scouts, how can a guy like me figure out which guys might have a chance.

One of the first things I do is to check out some of the sports card forums to see who is getting the buzz. This year it seems like most of the hype for players in this product revolves around Bryce Harper, Brandon Belt, and Paul Goldschmidt. No surprise here.

The next step I take is to check out the stats of each player. This is the part of the process that gives you a chance at finding an overlooked player. This year I found the name Dave Sappelt, who currently plays for the Cincinnati Reds AAA Louisville team.

Sappelt may be getting some hype but since I've missed it I thought others may have missed it too. I'm sure Reds fans are keeping an eye on this guy. He's batting .333 so far this season and is a .300 lifetime hitter in the minors. I'm no expert but I think a guy who hits .300 at all levels of the minors has a shot at getting a job somewhere in the majors soon. One thing that may be holding him back is that he is only 5-9'. I know there are questions of whether players on the smaller side can handle the grind of being an everyday player in the majors.

Anyway, we've added a few of his Bowman Prospect and Bowman Chrome Prospect cards in our inventory. He might be worth a look for those prospectors out there.