Monday, March 19, 2012

Ever Meet Anyone Who Was in a Game Show?

Back when I was in elementary school, I remember reading one of those fluff pieces in our local newspaper where the columnist asks a bunch of Andy Rooney type questions. One of those questions was, 'Have you ever met anyone who was in a game show?'

I'm not sure why this question stood out in my mind but back in the day when cable t.v. wasn't so common I guess it was odd to meet someone who participated in a game show. I finally met a substitute teacher in high school who said she was on the $20,000 Pyramid and got robbed of the grand prize because the celebrity guest gave an invalid clue. Pretty cool story I guess and at the time I thought it was cool to be able to finally answer 'Yes' to that nagging question.

How does all this relate to baseball cards?

Well, I always felt like you could write a fluff piece related to the recent Topps Give Away and Heritage Buyback programs. The obvious question would be, 'Did you ever meet anyone who got something really cool in one of these promotions?'

I've read through many forum posts and watched a few YouTube box breaks yet I never heard about anything really cool from these particular contests.

That was until I broke a case of 2012 Topps Heritage this week. Take a look at this little beauty.....

I'm sure there are a lot of cool hits out there but when I think about the top tier I'm thinking about Mantle, Mays, and Aaron so I was pretty excited about this one. I guess every dog has his day. Now if Topps would only refrain from putting that gold stamp on the buyback cards!


  1. Without the gold stamp, how else would you know it's real? lol

    1. Funny! Maybe that enables me to list it on ebay as an ultra rare '63 Aaron 1 of 1.